GEODIGITAL UKRAINE is the second international conference.

The event will bring together the international community to share professional experiences, find new ideas and create a platform for combining business practices with the needs of the country.

The organizers:

Leading Ukrainian manufacturers of geodata and technologies included in UkrGeo

GEODIGITAL Ukraine 2020

Participants of the event are managers of state and private enterprises of Ukraine and the world, potential investors, representatives of state and local government bodies, business, scientists and experts of the field of geoinformation technologies.


The theme of the conference is the practical application of geodata and geo-information technologies in various industries.


During the conference speakers from Ukraine, Europe, Caucuses and Central Asia will share with participants the world trends and tendency in the industry, present the latest geo-information technologies, demonstrate successful examples of practical integration of geospatial data to solve sectoral problems. The participants of the event will outline the vectors for further development and the growth potential of a promising market.


The two-day conference program includes plenary sessions, thematic sections and workshops, as well as a number of other events.


Why you should take part in the event:

❱ Recent trends in the development of geotechnologies and the international experience of their application

❱ Practical industry decisions for the state and business

❱ A location for sharing experiences and establishing partnerships


Information about GEODIGITAL Ukraine 2020 speakers coming soon.

About GEODIGITAL Ukraine 2019

Official post-release

Actual geodata and modern geo-information technologies form the basis for building effective management in the developed countries. Open digital data can significantly improve the quality of decision-making, shorten the time for adoption of those decisions, and create an effective infrastructure management system in any area. 


Digital economy is impossible without actual digitized information that is gaining significance for creating high-quality IT solutions in every field and  particularly in  agricultural sector. To progress, it’s extremely important to learn from international experience in this field”, – said Deputy Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine Olena Kovaleva.


Our country is still lagging behind, possessing an array of outdated and disparate data,  which can not be applied to any effective decisions. The lack of relevant geoinformation complicates the processes of coordination between the state and local authorities, infrastructure management, territorial development and emergency response.


The geodata can become a real catalyst for the development of Ukrainian economy. We have an enormous natural and technological potential that can be realized only through open data, transparency and effective control of resources” – said Viktor Galasyuk, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship.


The first international conference GEODIGITAL UKRAINE 2019 took place in Kyiv on May 23, with the purpose of creation the ground for the development of the field of geoinformation technologies. The event brought together an international expert community, provided an opportunity to share valuable experience and launch a platform for combining practical business solutions with the needs of the state.


The key focus is the use of modern geotechnologies for the development and efficient management of sectoral infrastructure. The conference was organized by the State Service of Ukraine for Geodesy, Mapping and Cadastre and UkrGeo.


Step by step, the country is moving towards greater transparency and openness. More than 20 electronic services are provided by the State Geodetic Services today “- noted the First Deputy Chairman of the State Service of Ukraine on Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre of Ukraine Lyudmila Shemelinets,

 “Demand for topical geodata is increasing,  more and more managers understand its value to improve the efficiency of solutions in any field. According to my forecasts, in the next 5 years the geodatabase market in Ukraine will grow by 2-5 times”, – claimed the Chairman of the Board of UkrGeo and AAC Roman Chelnokov.


Thus, a number of large-scale projects has already been implemented through the introduction of cooperation between state and local authorities, the use of modern digital and satellite technologies and innovative equipment. In particular, the Public Cadastral Map of Ukraine  has been created, and a unique project on adjusting the layout and assessment of the status of heat networks in Kyiv by means of thermal imaging has been implemented.


Geodata is the basis for creating any derivative information: from space orientation, binding to specific data with defined parameters and geodesic precision – to creating a sound basis for an effective management solution.


At the same time, the development of the market of geoinformation technologies in Ukraine is hampered by a number of problems: the lack of modern industry standards, the lack of skilled personnel and the demand for effective solutions, as well as insufficient financial support for the sphere at the state level.


For example, the master plan, which is mandatory for each city, is created on the basis of a topographic map. At the same time, most of the existing topographic maps of Ukrainian cities were created in the 70’s and 80’s. Nevertheless, this obsolete data is often based on current master plans. Of course, with this approach it is not about the effectiveness of planning and development of territories, which is especially relevant during the state decentralization reform. It directly affects economic development, investment attractiveness of the regions, quality of life and security of citizens.


During the conference speakers from Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Georgia shared with the participants the world trends in the field, presented the latest geo-information technologies and successful examples of practical integration of geodata into solutions of sectoral problems.



Geodata creates a strong added value through the process of digitalization. It is important to create an eco-system that will have great practical value for all users. Since the introduction of complete detailed geoinformation at the country-wide scale, the volume of investments has increased by 3 times ” – said Kåre Kyrkjeeide, the Director for the Norwegian Mapping Authority’s International Services Section.


About 80% of public management decisions made in Poland are based on location data. The national geoportal is available in 11 languages, and it provides all geospatial information to 3D-images of buildings with the possibility of free downloading of data “- said the representative of the Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography of Poland Ewa Surma.


Practical experience in using GIS in the management of territories was shared by representatives of Lviv and Odessa regions.


The event also featured an exhibit of innovative developments and innovative technologies from a number of leading market companies.


The conference was attended by Director of Eurosense Kft Dr. Miklos Gross, Project Management and Sales Division of National Agency of Public Registry under Ministry of Justice of Georgia Galaktion Hahubia, Head of GIS and Information Support Department of Tisza River Basin Water Resources DirectorateSvetlana Rebrik, Director of Airborne Sensors EMEA Leica Geosystems – GCS Dr. Hartmut Rosengarten, Regional Manager of the Cadastre Agency and geospatial data of the Netherlands Paula Dijkstra, Trimble Regional Sales Manager Alexandr Krasovskiy, Head of the Department of Topographic and Geodetic Production – Deputy Head of Central Administration of Military Topography and Navigation of Operational Support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Sergii Pryschepa, co-founder of Drone.UA Fevzi Ametov, numerous representatives of state and local authorities, business leaders, potential investors, business representatives, academics and experts.


According to the results of the Conference, it is worth highlighting the following trends:

1. The widespread use of geodata is one of themost important conditions for the development of the economy, and GIS is necessary for the application of geodata.
2. The state has lost its monopoly on the manufacture of geodata, but remains their main consumer, and geodata, in most cases, are made by business.
3. Accordingly, geodata should be accessible, compatible and high-quality.
4. To achieve the above, some state regulation is necessary – however, regulatory acts must be passed with the participation of the professional community.
5. Today, it is clear that the state will not cope with the above tasks without the participation of business, which means:

    – it is necessary to widely develop the partnership of the state and business

    – decency of business should be guaranteed by self-regulating public organizations.


We thank all participants for the rich, fruitful work at the conference and the high professional level of reports. See you at GEODigital Ukraine 2020!

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GEODIGITAL Ukraine 2019 Agenda

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